About More Than Money

Wife, Mom, Financial Coach, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor & your friend for the journey

My name is Jenny, from More Than Money Coaching.  Money was always a stressful subject for me.  I didn't know how to manage it, I spent every dollar as it came in.  It wasn't until I was close to getting married that I had reason enough to get my finances under control. 

That's right, I was shamed into getting my stuff together.  My husband had always been a  responsible saver, so the thought of him seeing my dismal bank account balance woke me up and got me into high gear.  I was able to save $10,000 in the 6 months before we got married.  Looking back, I am shocked at the progress I was able to make in a short amount of time and feel some regret that I wasn't that intentional with my finances sooner. 

Fast forward a few years and we were planning to grow our family. In an attempt to keep me home with our children, we decided to start a small side business I could run from home while raising our kiddos.  That business grew from a small little side hustle to a full blown business that was too much for me to handle while raising our children. 

They were why I stopped working a traditional 9-5, they were the top priority, not the business.  A major health scare is what it took for me to realign my life with my priorities and we sold the business soon after. 

I am now able to live a life of intention and design. I have the gift of being able to be fully present with my children. This is something I could never do if we didn't have control of our finances and weren't making wise financial decisions. 

I have all of the same struggles, the same spending temptations and retirement dreams. We are making all of this happen on a median income. I promise, Financial Freedom is possible for you too. 

Whether you are a fellow parent desiring to spend more time with your children, a dreamer who isn't in the financial position to pursue a lifelong dream or a hard working employee who wants to save more of the money they have worked so hard to earn, I am so excited to share with you what I have learned in my journey to get where I always wanted to go. And this is just the beginning for you and me! 

It's about so much more than money, it's about getting a handle on your finances so you can live your life on your terms. 

I am a certified Financial Coach, Real Estate Investor and resident CFO at casa de Stecklair.