Youth Venture Teen Centers

Youth Venture is a community based, Christ centered, guidance program open to all youth between the 6th and 12th grade. The teen center and Skate Park offer adult supervision and friendship, after school and on weekends. Youth Venture, a ministry of Foothills Christian Church, was formed to assist teens in learning the basic principles for successful living found in the Bible, and to help establish significant relationships for those teens with mature adults. Youth Venture serves to support the efforts of parents to instill in their children sound character and sound life goals. Youth Venture seeks to develop a peer group for teens that is drug-free, moral and goal-oriented.

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Abolishing Human Trafficking

Slavery is the fastest growing organized crime in the world.

It’s real, hidden in plain sight, and tearing at the social fabric of every nation and economic structure.

But that's why we exist— 21st century abolitionists determined to bring change.

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And you too

I've got to be honest, when I created these courses, I still had some decisions to make. I priced these courses as a business, and the price reflected that. But after taking a deeper look at my personal financial situation, I decided to donate 50% of the profits to charity. My husband and I are already on track to achieve our personal financial goals, even without the earnings from these courses. 

The result? We are giving more, and we couldn't be more excited.  But why stop there? Why not make these courses more affordable to those who need them? In the spirit of giving, each course has been discounted (and some are even free). 

As you get your finances in order, know that you are helping both youth and women in San Diego.