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Funny, informational and encouraging, these sites will get you excited about what's next. - great fora ll things real estate investing. They have a blog and forum with very active community. Any questions you have will be answered there. - This guy is a genius. He retired in 2016 at an age much younger than the traditional retiree. He is a wealth of knowledge on tax optimization. - The blog chronicles Carl's journey to reaching financial independence in 1500 days, and his life after traditional employment. He has a family, which I really appreciate. He was not a high earning single guy sleeping on a couch and saving all of his high income. It makes the journey feel more attainable. - This is another family man that was able to retire early. Justin was able to retire at 33 in 2013. On the blog, Justin shares how he did it and what he is doing now. - Pete was one of the first personal finance blogs that many people in the financial independence community found. He's funny, practical and insightful. He shares everything from his investing philosophy to how he installed solar himself. - Sam shares how he was able to retire AND how to negotiate a pay raise and/or generous severance package when you leave a job. Wherever you are in your journey, he can help! - J.D. Roth has a lot of useful information and resources on his site.  


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